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On March 10, 2018, thousands of natural haired men and women gathered at the BJCC North Hall in Birmingham, AL to take in the intoxicating aroma of black pride. There were vendors, and photo ops, and celebrities, OH MY! As the natural hair community from all over descended upon the Magic City, we welcomed it with open arms. It was especially a memorable occasion for me as I had the opportunity to serve as a VIP blogger for the event. Let me tell you, there was so much going on that I could hardly stay focused. Lol! They had something for everyone from a candy station for the kiddos to a men’s lounge for the brothas who wanted to get away from all the women shopping and talking. Y’all know how we do. Spending money and flapping our gums is our specialty. After settling in from such a dynamic natural hair event that now has 7 years in the book, I had to take time to highlight some of my favorite moments. Here are my top 5 moments of The 2018 Natural Hair & Health Expo.

Butters & Scrubs

I was on a mission to find two things and two things only; body butter and body scrub. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a personal pampering fanatic. I love all things that nourish the skin, hair, body, soul, and spirit. As a makeup artist and aspiring esthetician, skin care is something I religiously preach to my clients. The skin on our bodies is just as important as the skin on our faces, so we must put time and effort into both.

As I scoured the vendors in search of the perfect body butter and scrub. I was impressed by many, but two stole my heart in particular. The first being a local company by the name of Angela’s Kiss of Shea Natural Hair, Bath & Body Products founded by Angela Barnes Carter. Now, Angela and I are no strangers to one another as I was introduced to her products years ago. However, sometimes what is close to our hearts escapes our minds, but let me just say that my memory was immediately jogged and my heart elated as the reminiscent aromas and soothing nature of her products enraptured my senses. After a nice chat with this “whipologist”, I purchased her Lavender Vanilla Body Butter and Body Scrub. These products are so amazing, you won’t even want to insult your skin by putting clothes on after.

Marliceia Chavers is the creator of Love Marliceia, a personal "Lovestyle" blog that promotes self-love that encourages everyone to create their best life by living life on and with purpose.

Love Marliceia

What people are saying...

"I'm excited for this product. I have used your products for the last 5 years. Love everyone of them. Thanks for a wonderful product line."

-Jennifer Quarles 2020

Angela's Kiss of Shea Root Stimulator has worked wonders in growing my edges back. I love it!!

-Edna Slayton 2019​

"Love the products! Great service all around."

-Allison Moore 2019

"My hair loves Kiss of Shea​!"

-Andrea Buie 2018

"Angela has amazing natural products."

-Leiza Miller 2017