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Natural Hair & Scalp Oil Spray

A blend of natural oils and other ingredients that nourish the hair and scalp. Available in original Lemongrass and

*Grapefruit Melon.

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Black Soap Clarifying Shampoo 

Moisturizing Conditioner

Gentle shampoo has a mild sudsing action and is made with liquid black soap that gently cleans and removes dirt and debris without stripping the hair. It comes with a rich creamy moisturizer that replenishes and seals in the nutrients that can be lost from exposure to the environment.

Curl Defining & Styling Cream

Shea butter and flaxseed based cream that defines the natural curls without the flaking of a gel. Shea butter and other natural oils help to seal in the moisture to the curls. Can also be used for twist outs, braid outs, and roller sets.

Moisturizing Cream for Natural Hair

Shea butter based moisturizing cream and natural oils and ingredients that help seal in moisture to the hair shaft and helps prevent dryness. 

*Not recommended for use with heated hair styling elements other than hair dryer.

Himalayan Pink Salt Scalp Exfoliator

100% Natural Himalayan Pink Salt mixed with lemongrass essential oil, grapseed oil and other ingredients that nourish the scalp. The pink salt provides a gentle exfoliation removing dirt and debris from the scalp.  

Root Stimulator Oil

A light oil blend containing the five essential oils and natural ingredients that when used together have been proven to increase the production of healthier and stronger hair follicles. Natural oils provide nutrients to the hair and scalp while helping to seal in moisture.