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About Angela's Kiss of Shea

My Story

Angela's Kiss of Shea originally started at Angela's Kiss All Natural Hair & Skin Products in February 2011 when naturally textured hair of black women was still in its infancy. Products for natural hair were very limited and very expensive. After trying a well known brand of a natural hair moisturizing cream belonging to her mother-in-law, and loving it, Angela decided to use it for herself. Much to her shock and surprise, the cream cost $60 a jar. That was way out of her budget, and she would have to spend that much per month on that one product. So, after reading and researching the ingredients, Angela decided to try her hand at making her own moisturizing cream since the base of the cream was shea butter. She made several formulations and tried each one on herself. When she finally came up with one that worked well for her hair, she let her sister-in-law, mother and a few friends try it as well. They all loved it. 

Her sister-in-law suggested she start selling the moisturizer, and after some prayer and careful consideration, a new business was born. Angela's daughter coined the name and added "skin products" to it no realizing there were no skin products to sell. Just the cream. So Angela got busy creating a shampoo and conditioner, and then body creams and sugar scrubs. Over the years many other products were created, but due to the decrease in demand for some products, and the expense of maintaining a large inventory, the product line mainly consisted of the hair moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner, body creams and sugar scrubs. 

In 2014 the business was renamed Angela's Kiss of Shea Natural Hair Bath & Body. A curl defining cream, a root stimulator oil were added to the product line. A successful natural hair salon in Lakewood, Washington commissioned Angela to create a hair and scalp oil spray for natural hair and in 2017 the Kiss of Shea Natural Hair and Scalp oil was added. In 2018 the salon commissioned a scalp exfoliator made of natural ingredients to be made.  September of that year, the Himalayan Pink Salt Scalp Exfoliator was added to the line. the oil and the exfoliator were sell outs was the natural hair event held in her home town of Birmingham, Alabama every spring.

Today Angela's Kiss of Shea changes the fragrances of the body creams at different times of the year to coincide with the seasons and holidays, but the moisturizing cream for natural hair, the hair and scalp oil and the scalp exfoliator continues to be the biggest sellers.