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What is Angela’s Kiss of Shea All About?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. 

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$25 Bath & Body Set - On SALE NOW!

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NEW! Dead Sea Mud Mask

100% Dead Sea Mud for Skin and hair masks. For thousands of years the salts and mud of the Dead Sea have been touted for their healing and restorative properties to the human body. Even Cleopatra traveled to the Dead Sea so frequently, that she built a spa of sorts, so that she could go and bath in the healing waters and slather herself with the dark mineral rich mud of the Dead Sea. Recent changes in the ecological system of the Dead Sea and the surrounding area has resulted in Israel limiting the exportation of this mineral rich mud to a small number of suppliers. Angela’s Kiss of Shea has secured a limited supply of natural product and is making it available for purchase to use as facial and hair masks while supplies last. The mud is, as stated before, 100% pure, no additives or fragrance. See Bath & Body Products.

Cleopatra’s Royal Combo

100% Pure Organic

Dead Sea Mud coupled with whipped Shea and Mango butters in a combo dubbed Cleopatra’s Royal Combo just in time for Mother’s Day. 

$25​ Available April 16th thru May5th!

*see Specials/Combos tab